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The Doctrine of Revelation
Knowing God is the most important thing in life. God created people fundamentally for a relationship with himself. The relationship depends on knowing who he is as he has revealed himself. God is personal, which means he has a mind, will, emotions, relational ability and self consciousness. Because he is personal, and not merely an impersonal object, God must personally reveal himself to us. He has done this in what is called a general revelation (the World) and special revelation (the Word of God).
General Revelation
Revelation of God given to all people at all times. This revelation is found both in the external creation (Psalm 19.1) and in the internal human experience. (Romans 1.19-20)
General Revelation shows the attributes of God. His existence, power, creativity, and wisdom; in addition, the testimony of human conscience also provides evidence of God’s moral standards to all human beings. ((Romans 2.14-15) This means from the general revelation all people have some knowledge that God exists, some knowledge oof his character, and some knowledge of his moral standards. So we have from this a awareness of Guilt before God as all people instinctively know we have not meet his requirements. Many world religions have been invented to soothe the sense of their guilt.
General Revelation does not provide knowledge of the true solution to man’s guilt before God: The forgiveness of sins that comes through Jesus Christ. GR does not provide personal knowledge of God as a loving father who redeems his children and establishes covenants with them. For this we need something more we need a special revelation, which God has providentially provided in the Bible
Elements of the Special Revelation
What is the Word of God? Emma said, “The Bible the book of Jesus, it’s the good sword, it is the mighty sword. The Bible says that we are sinners.”
Special Revelation; The Bible is God’s written revelation of who he is and what he has done in redemptive history. Humans need this divine, transcendent perspective in order to break out of their subjective, culturally bond, fallen limitations. Through God’s written Word, his people may overcome error, grow in sanctification, minister effectively to others and live abundant lives as God intends.
II Timothy 3.14-4.5 “elements”
Introduction: Paul’s swan song his final words….what is most important of all the words he could have told him this is what he said. D
I. Grace (vs15)—holy scriptures
a. Undeserving to receive the revelation because of COnditon
b. Displays the Gospel—mans need
II. Completeness (vs 17) nothing else is needed. Pure no additives total package it is complete. Nothing added nothing took away.
a. Sufficient for Salvation
b. Sufficient for Sanctification
c. Sufficient for your life purpose.
III. Superiority (theopneustos) (vs3.16-4.1-2) this was a new word coined by Paul. It has never been used before in Greek lit. secular or biblical
a. All works of men…
b. All ideas above all things….philosophers (4.3-4)
c. Unique..because it speaks of the unique one Christ.
d. Original
IV. Offends
a. In Pride
b. In Sin
c. In false hoods

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