Monday, March 19, 2007

Snakes can cause trouble!!!

Hey guys whats up well we are still working our way through the book of Psalms. I still cant believe how awesome God truly is to our lives. Even when we are int rouble he is still God!! Here are some characteristics of God when our lives don't make sense.
Psalm 40.1-3
God, In A time of Trouble
Some attributes of God when we are in trouble.
I. God Hears our Cry (v1)
a. Reaches
b. Relates
II. God Restores our Life (v2)
a. Frees
b. Sets (foundation)
III. God Gives our Purpose (v3)
a. Perspective
b. Proactive- so all can Hear

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

sorry about last week !!!!

Hey Guys I ra out of time and never posted this week's Bible study, please forgive me. Ive been in the middle of a house sale and it has been awful! But please continue to pray that all goes well with the sale. We CLOSE THE 30th of MARCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (LORD WILLING:]) SO here is next weeks study
Here is picture of John Wayne!!!!!!!!!!!!
Characters in the Battle of Life
Psalm 37.12-15
I. The Persecutors
a. Real
b. Prepared
c. Dangerous
II. The Protector
a. Worthy
b. Mighty
c. Sovereign
III. The Oppressed
a. Righteous
b. Humble
c. Straight Road