Thursday, July 9, 2009

John the Baptist

John the Baptist is one of the most interesting characters in scripture. We first here of the one crying in the wilderness in Isaiah. Then we meet his parents Elizabeth and Zechariah. These two old Messianic Jews were used by God to raise a mighty man of God. In Luke 1.67-79 we read a poem that was prophetic in every word. John's daddy sings a song over his son, telling what he would be in the eyes of God. John grew and becomes strong in the spirit and goes to the wilderness. John was his appearance and in his message. There is no doubt he looked different than most religious folks of the day. He was wearing a camel hair jacket for crying out loud. Not to mention his preferred food (locusts...grasshopper like creature). But his message is what stands out. It was a message of repentance and turning from sin.......Notice his humbleness how he centered himself around the Christ.

We as called men of God should stand with the preachers of old. Like John we need to be the voice who cries in our wilderness. A cry for repentance, for preparation. May we too be humble and center ourselves around the Lamb of God.

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