Monday, February 26, 2007

Whats up well I want yall to know haow thankful I am for all you do with the Youth Ministry

I will be handing out the lists of contacts on weds Oh yeah please join blogger it gets depressing when no one responds!

Here is a picture of Greg, Justin, and Me when we competed in the 3 on 3 basketball tournament in 1987.
Notice the Great tan I had.
here is the new Bible Study
Stress relievers for the Believers
Psalm 37.3-7
I. Trust in the Lord
II. Hope in the Lord
III. Commit to the Lord
IV. Rest in the Lord

Monday, February 19, 2007

Got STRESS!!!!!

hey guys here is some info on the Stress that can come from the World

here is a picture of Alan, Jeremy, Justin, Greg, and Jordan at a recent vintage-cheerleading competiton, they came in 2nd with their enthusiastic chuck norris cheer! Look at them go!!!!!!!!!!

Worlds Attractions
Psalm 37.1-2
I. Worrisome (v1)
a. Stress-unwanted, harm
b. Envy-Jealousness, sin, lack of satisfaction
c. Grief-unhappy
II. Fade (v2)
a. Temporary
b. Weak
c. Dead- no promise, unfruitful

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is a servant? well we see what a true servant is in this wonderful Psalm of David.
We all can learn a lot from the insights found in this text here check it out
(sorry no cool pictures)
Characteristics of a True Servant
Psalms 36.10-12
I. Desire for the Faithful (v10)
a. God’s Love developed
b. God’s righteousness developed
II. Dependence on the Father (v11)
a. Steps of pride
b. Path of destruction
III. Description of the Wicked (v12)
a. Life of vain
b. Life that’s fallen

Tuesday, February 6, 2007


whats up; suprise new BIBLE STUDY for 2-7-07
and here is wonderful picture of our new sound system and choir outfits for the new church!!!
Psalms 36.5-7
Elements of a Loving God
I. The Love (v5-6)
a. Mercy- kindness (v5a)
b. Faithfulness – security, firmness (v5b)
c. Righteousness- perfection (v6a)
d. Justice- consistent in his ways
(like it or not) (v6b)

II. The Loved (v6-9)
a. Freedom (v6b)
b. Trust (v7)
c. Satisfaction (v8)
d. Life (v9a)
e. Light (v9b)