Thursday, May 31, 2007

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this is the outline for Wed the 5th of June

Justin will be leading. I have moved from Psalms temporarly. The kids are out of school and I want them to be hit with some basic stuff before we embark on our crazy summer. See yall next week. yeeeeeeeeeeehawwwwwwwwwwww!!!!

Romans 12.1-8Keys to effective Prayer

I. Submission (v.1)
a. Our Body
b. Our Sacrifice (self)

II. Separation (v.2)
a. from the World
b. From our Selves

III. Seriousness (vv.3-4)
a. right frame of Mind
b. realize its an honor to pray

IV. Service (vv.5-8)
a. gift
b. ministry
c. mission

The Word of God

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Here we have description of the Word of God, from David
Here are some elements of the Word of God
Psalm 19: 7-10
I. What it is
a) Complete –perfect (vs7a)
b) Certain –dependable (vs7b)
c) Correct –right, unfailing (vs8a)
d) Chaste –virtuous, (vs8b)
e) Clean – ceremonial (vs9a)
f) Committed –true (vs9b
In your own words describe the word of God?
II. What it does
a) Converting the soul (vs7a)
b) Creating wisdom (vs7b)
c) Cheering the heart (vs8a)
d) Clearing the eyes (vs8b)
e) Continuing forever (vs9a)
f) LIVING (vs9b)
What does the Bible do? What has done for You? How can it change a life
III. What it deserves (vs10)
a) desired –valued, above all things
b) devotion –studied
c) Delivered –to others, illuminated.
What does the Bible deserve? What can we do to honor Gods word?

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Our Hiding place

Who is this ONE we worship?
what does HE do?

Four names of God, four elements we need.
Psalm 91.1-2
I. Most High (‛elyôn)- we commune with the Most High
II. Almighty (shadday)- we find rest in the Almighty
III. Lord, Jehovah (yehôvâh)- we rejoice, have shelter, hope in Jehovah
IV. God ('ĕlôhîym)- our trust is in the Lord.
we all need to commune, rest, rejoice, and trust. These are essentials to our lives in order to be fulfilled. These are also desires we all have, and only the LORD can fill.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Who is God??

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Realizations of who God truly is.
Moses truly had experienced God. He had been spoken to by the living God face to face. In this Psalm we have prayer made by Moses. When Moses talked to God he had few realizations. These realizations should be evident in our own lives as well.

Psalm 90.1-3
I. Eternal Security
Have there been times when God Given you shelter? What kind of protection does God Give?
Why do we need protection? What can God protect?
II. Eternal Creator
Can you see God’s hand in the Earth? How? What has God created? Is there order to the way our environment runs?
What is the best example of God’s Handiwork? Why is realizing that God is the creator important to our faith?
III. Eternal Ruler
Do you think that God will cause a tragedy in someone life to draw them back to him? Have you ever experienced this?
How did he bring Israel back to him during their time in the wilderness?
What is Grace? Have you experienced it? How Does God offer it?

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

A desire to Worship!

Hey guys thank for coming to the spring training, it means alot to me that you took the time to come, here is the Bible study
Psalm 42.1-3
Here we have a song describibg some conditions of those who long for worship
The Believer’s Desire for Worship
Truths that will lead us to worship
I. Feasting on Sorrow (v3)
Have you ever ate your tears? WHat has givenyou sorrow?
II. Thirsting for Love (v2)
Do people hunger or thirat for Love? Have you? Why?
III. Longing for the Lord (v1)
How Do believers long for the Lord?