Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Soooooo Fresh!!!!!!

As Beleivers we must live fresh lives. We need a fresh word, and freesh praise and worship. I challenge you live in freshness!

A Fresh Life
Psalms 96.1-6
I. Song of The Saved(v1-3)
a. Audience of one (v1)(GOD)
b. Public presence (v2-3)(do others know, who I worship
II. Source of the Song (v4-6)
a. God’s Greatness (v4) (what makes God so great?)
b. God’s Worthiness (v4)(why is God worthy? What is he worthy of?)
III. The Saved of the Song (v2b)
a. Life Song (How can our life be a song of praise to the LORD?)
b. Salvation ( What does your Salvation Mean to you?)