Thursday, December 28, 2006

True Wisdom

happy new year everyone!!!! I Hope the Lord Blesses all of you in a mighty way. Here is next week's outline take a look at it comment on it. I want your Ideas, comments, etc.
What is widom? Were does it come from? How can it be obtained?
True Wisdom
Psalm 33.10-11
I. Wisdom of the World (v10)
a. Changes- times, people, fads, fashion, knowledge
b. Corrupts (ineffective)-
c. Falls- wont stand
II. Wisdom of God (v10-11 )
a. Strong (v10a)- crushes the worlds and supports the believer
b. Eternal (v11a)- unchanging always
c. Comforting (v11b) reveals God’s heart, will, and plan for your life

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Here is a early picture of Greg, Justin and Jordan trading some of their Chuck Norris trading cards, these cards are now worth billions of dollars.
Hey all d-team leaders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well our meeting went very well last week, thank you all for attending. Hope you had a good time. I enjoy your friendship just as much as I appreciate your working with the youth. Here is the December 27th Bible Study hope all is well........................

Psalm 33.5-9
Attributes of God’s Word

I. God’s Creating Word (v5-6)
a. The Earth-Order, full of Love (v5)
b. The Heavens- Glory, (spiritual and physical) (v6)

II. God’s Providing Word (v7-9)
a. Provisions -Water system- only the LORD(what Sovereign Grace!!!) (v7a)What was once

a form of vengeance (Noah) is now our mercy!(wells, springs) (v7b)
b. Purpose- Something to live for to worship
c. Life- life is a fruit of God’s Word, trusted, build on it, life breeds life (v9)

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Check it out, this is a rare picture the band known as WITNESS. can you guess who is who?

hey all!!! well I hope that you have discovered the new blog and I hope you have found it helpful. I know some of us havent looked at it yet. Please join us in the wonderful world of blogging. REMEBER-------------tuesday DECEMBER 19th @ 6.30 we will eat dinner at SAGEBRUSH and Go to my house for a year in reveiw meeting. So come and join all the youth leaders.

here is next weeks bible study, oh yeah how are the new discussion sheets workong out? let me know......peace like chicken grease oh yeah!!!!!!

Elements of Praise and Worship
Psalms 33.1-4
I. Purpose of Praise (v1)

II. Practice of Praise (v2)

III. Position of Praise (v3)

IV. Reason of Praise (v4)

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

new blogspot for leader

hey guys, this is a blog set up just for the -team leaders. On this blog you can find info on the upcoming week. This sould help us all to be on the same page and be prepared for the upcoming discussion. For example you can see the srcripture and theme for weds December 13th.

we can also use this blog to post testimonies, thoughts, ideas, or whatever. REMEBER anybody can blog, see, and respond to our page. Hope this helps in our efforts to further the KINGDOM!!
I encourage you to join and share.



Psalm 32.10-12

Contrasting Lives
I. Sorrows of the unbeliever (v10)

II. Joys of the Believer (v11)

III. Praise of the Believer (v12)