Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Back in Action

Hey Guys Iam back from the Beach. We had a wonderful time!! I'll be posting some pictures of the outer banks in a few days. So I heard that brent has a stronger leg than we all thought! Hey were did this Glass come from!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks to Justin and all the other leaders for filling in for me while i was missing in action. Hey that reminds me of a movie chuck norris was in call "MISSING IN ACTION"

Here is a great Chuck Picture!

This weeks Bible Study comes from the Book of Psalm....Check it out

Psalm 91.1-2
Living in the presences of God
Some Characteristics of living in the presence of God
I. Live above Circumstances (vs1a)
What things in your life tend to bog you down? What are some struggles your generation faces? How can we live above theses things?
II. Live in Comfort (vs1b)
What is comfort? What makes you comfortable? How can God Bring you comfort?
III. Live with Confidence (vs2)
Where does confidence come from? How Does God Provide it?