Monday, January 29, 2007

timmy's new email and new bible study for 1-31-07

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oh yeah here is a picture of the car the dukes of hazzard drove "THE GENERAL LEE" it was originally was called the "The General Chuck" but chuck norriss graciously allowed another name, the title to the show also had another name, THE CHUCKS OF HAZZARD
Psalms 34.1-4
Elements of the Rebellious believer
I. Problem of Lordship
a. Who God is
b. Who we are
II. Pollution of Life
a. Deceiving
b. Detouring
III. Point of Lasciviousness
a. Self-seeking
b. Self-destructing

Monday, January 15, 2007

Here it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the new Bible study for 1/17/07
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Psalms 34.4-7
I. The Worship of the Faithful (v4&6)
a. Is heard by God
b. Used by God
II. The Fellowship of the Faithful (v5a)
a. Look for example
b. Leave an example
III. The Discipleship of the Faithful (v5b)
a. Know Christ
b. Experience Christ
IV. Security of the Faithful (v7)
a. Surrounding
b. Sufficient

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Sorry this was so late, but some of you may look at this before you come to church, may be this sweet portrait of Chuck Norris will make up for it>>>>>>>>>

Three truths about true praise
I. Personal Praise (v1-2a)
a. Intentional- purpose driven
b. Intimate-true, foolish
II. Public Praise(v2b)
a. Heard- brings attention to God
b. Ministers – there are people that need to hear what God has done
III. Unified Praise (v3)
a. Focuses – our attention on God
b. Magnifies- (ex. Candles, horses)