Wednesday, May 20, 2009

God's Promise and Providence

Exodus…for the next few weeks we will be studying the book of Exodus. We plan on seeing the Promise and Providence of God through the book of Exodus. We will see God’s promise reveled to his people. We will see how God is in control of all situations and will receive the Glory due him. Please be reading ahead to get a grasp of all we will be studying. Come with good ideas a questions to bring the group.

Lesson One : Introduction…God’s Promise and Providence
Exodus 1.1-7
In these verses we read of names of those who had made it to Israel. This section of scripture links the book of Genesis with the book of Exodus. The text ends by telling the reader that the children of Israel were fruitful and multiplied. We see God’s hand on his people as they go through this time in their history. Now we must understand that they were not yet in the promised land. God had not forgot them but was preparing them for what was to come.
I. Faithful
We must understand that God had not forgotten his people. The same promise that was begun with Abraham would be carried out. What God starts he finishes. Many people don’t realize this Truth. Even in our own lives we tend to think that God has forgot about us but he is still preparing us for what is in store. We see that these people we growing in number and in strength. God knew what he was doing. He was giving his people what hey needed in order for them to go where they needed. Do you think it is the same in our life? Does God prepare us for what lies ahead? How can we know that God will complete what he starts in us?
II. Purposeful
Notice that God had a purpose in mind. Generally it was to get the Glory through redeemed people but on a smaller scale it was to do mighty things with his people so they could make God look good. God has a purpose for all things. He is totally in control of every situation. What are some ways that God worked his purpose through these people? When bad things happen is God in control of all things? What is His purpose for you? How do you think you will personally accomplish this goal?
III. Powerful
Finally in these introductory verses we see a powerful God. We see how he uses situations of man to accomplish his will. Men, politicians, governments and other entities have nothing on God. Psalm 2 says that God sees the plans of man and laughs…. In what ways do you see his power on display? (taking refugees and making them mighty) Do you think God displays his power today like he did in these times? What can your generation learn form these verses?

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