Tuesday, July 31, 2007


hey guys we are at Snowbird!!!!!!!!!! please pray for us all, for our safety, for our spiritual growth and that we receive what God wants for our lives this week!!!!!!!!! see ya saturday!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Praise the Lord!!!

The Psalmist wrote it is good to Praise, and it is good. When we contemplate about God, who He is and what He does, it can only be good. The following is a description of the elements of praise

The Goodness of Praise
Psalms 92.1-4
Elements of the Goodness of Praise
I. Worship (vs1)
a. Submit-selves,
b. Relieve-pride, lordship
c. Revere-the king
II. Celebration(vs1b)
a. Heavenly Holiness
b. Supreme Sovereignty
III. Declaration
a. Describing
b. Unending

Monday, July 9, 2007


Hey guys here is the new Bible Study for Wed. While reading this I want you to think of Caleb and Joshua as they spied the promised land for Moses. God has called us to strive to live fearless.

Living Fearless
Caleb and Joshua
Psalms 91.1-6
I. Protection (vs1-2)
a. Comfort
b. Safety
II. Deliverance(vs3-4)
a. Satan
b. Sin
c. Self
III. Assurance(vs5-6)
a. Fears
b. Unknown
c. Death

Living Fearless
Caleb and Joshua
Psalms 91.1-6
I. Protection (vs1-2)
d. What Kind of Comfort does God Give?
e. Where do you feel the Safest?
II. Deliverance(vs3-4)
f. Why do we need deliverance from Satan?
g. How can sin hurt us? How can it trap us?
h. In what ways re you hindered by your self?
III. Assurance(vs5-6)
i. What are some of your fears?
j. What is scary about the unknown?
k. Why does death bring fear to so many peoples lives?

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Its been a while

hey all in the land of blogging! Well i just came back from the beach and we started VBS. So our regular schedueled mayhem has been on hold for a while. Now on wed we will be celebrating our nations birthday! Its all about freedom. So i thought I would introduce our new series for Consumed Ministries. "Free Indeed". We will be studying from the book of Romans on what it means to be free in Christ. I'm excited about leading this series. So pray that I will rightly divide the Word of Truth, and pray that many students will be more conformed to Christ. FREEDOMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

Freedom of the Gospel
Romans 1.16-18
I. Salvation is Revealed
a. All who believe
b. God’s never failed his promises
II. Justice is Revealed
a. Ran falls on all
b. Through his word
III. Holiness is Revealed
a. Sovereignty
b. Truth