Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Whatever you do....Colossians 3.18-25

There is no doubt that in the day in which we live we need some direction in the way we conduct ourselves with others. Paul gives us some details on how we can do this. He begins by talking of the home. He addresses wives, husbands, children, and fathers. These details are vital in the development of a family that Glorifies the Lord. Wives are told to submit to their husbands because it shows obedience to the Lord. Husbands are told to be tender to their wives, children are told to obey parents in order to please the Lord. Fathers are given advice on raising kids. And we even have some details given to slaves or workers. But all of these point top serving others, denying our wants and needs, and pleasing the Lord.
Today’s family does everything but glorify God. The fact of the matter is that when we lift up and serve others we are serving and glorifying God. This is God’s plan. We see the example in the Bible through the life of Jesus Christ. He came as a servant. He lead with his service. Oh the wonders he did….never for himself always for others, always to Glorify GOD. So it brings us to the closing statement in chapter 3 which will be our focus tonight. Notice verses 23-25.

We are given a clear picture of what a life that Glorifies God looks like. Notice how Paul generalizes this in verse 23 by using the phrase “whatever you do”
I. Whatever you do….
This covers everything. From relationships with family, friends, church members, coworkers, students, all people. This covers our dealings in our finances, and how we pay our bills, how raise our kids, how we treat our parents, how play sports, take tests, do chores, our job performance all these things ride on the statement “whatever you do”. How can we glorify God in everything we do? What must happen in an individuals life in order for him to glorify God? Do you think that pleasure and enjoyment are found in living a life that glorifies God? Why?
II. What you must do…
We must come to the realization of what we must do as people who follow Christ. We are to glorify God with our bodies. We are a sacrifice sealed to work for him. We are to give up our wants and do everything as if it were for God. Because it is for God. When we do a test at school you are doing for the Lord. When you mow the grass you are doing it for the Lord. When you wash the dishes you are doing it for the Lord. Every action you do it as hard as you can and do it for the Lord. Not to pleas people but to please God. All things that you and I doe are a reflection of what our relationship in God looks like. We need to live our lives as if they were worth dying for. How can we accomplish this task? What are some barriers to thinking this way? Why do most “Christians” not follow what Paul tells us to do here? What can we do to promote this type of thinking in our church?
III. Who You Are…
When we were bought by the blood of Jesus, we became his. We are no longer our own. We must depend upon his strength his integrity, his grace, his wisdom, and all of who Jesus is. We are now his servant. When we do anything in life it we are serving him. Oh how we need to embrace this type of thinking. Can you imagine what we would see in the lives of people if we all lived like servants. What is a servant? Do we have a right to mistreat some one if they have mistreated us? What are some ways a servant pleases his master? How can we be the servants that Christ wants us to be?

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