Thursday, February 19, 2009

God's Desire for our minds

Freedom again is the theme of these verses.
Why God wants you to have a free mind
Colossians 2.13-15
God truly desires for you and I to have a free mind. Through these three elements, we can see why God wants our minds to be free.

I. Alive through Him (vs13)
Jesus through his death and resurrection, and our embracing of His atonement (sacrifice) we are made truly alive. You see Jesus did not come to this world to make unhappy people happy, or to make non-religious people religious. He came to make dead people live…..This only happens through Christ. We can’t jump start ourselves into new life, or depend on another to give us new life. This is why we should beware and escape the bondages that our minds can be caught in. We have new life we do not have to be caught up in the things of this world that can hold our minds captive. Yes we were once dead in our sins not experiencing true life now we can. What does it mean to be alive in Christ? Why are we “dead” without Him?
II. Legal Pardon (vs14)
Legally in God’s eyes we are condemned. Because of our sin and unrighteousness charges have been brought up against us. Praise God For Jesus. You see Jesus saw the charges, the crimes, and the punishment. He paid the debt which satisfied God’s demands, he accepted the punishment which satisfied God’s justice. Look what he did in our lives. He came and did all this so that we may be free. We will never experience true freedom unless we allow our minds to be free. This is why God wants our minds to be free…we have been pardoned from the legal demands of sin…we are free…no more guilt…It is all because of the cross!!!!!! Why would the Guilt of sin hold our lives captive? Do you think that some people let their Guilt hold them back for living for God? How has the Guilt of sin affected your life for Christ?
III. Supreme Authority (vs15)
God has set Jesus above all things including governments and authorities as well as satanic authorities. He is supreme because of who he is and what he has done. He disarmed Satan and the workers of iniquities. Satan no longer has a foothold on your mind. Christ has freed you from his grasps. He has openly put them to shame and destroyed his deceptions. This is why we should live with free minds. God wants you to have a free mind because off whom Christ defeated. Even in the Garden of Eden where it all began, Satan was in the middle of deceiving and imprisoning our minds. But thanks be to God for his son Jesus and his work. Through Satan’s defeat we can have free lives and minds. How did Satan deceive the minds of Adam and Eve? Why is important that this defeat happened? Do you think Satan wants our minds captive? Why?

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