Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Instructions on Prayer

Instructions in prayer
Colossians 4.2-4
Prayer should come natural for the believer. But we make it a chore. This privilege that we have been given through the gospel is taken for granted daily. We have opportunity to converse and share with the living God. The one who created the world, want us to come to him in prayer. Notice Paul’s instructions to the Colossians.
I. Intentional Prayer
Prayer for us is something that we do as a habit or good thing. But prayer is of vast importance. Notice how exact Paul’s instructions are. We are told to continue in prayer in a steadfast way. How is this? What do you think Paul is suggesting right here? This statement calls for commitment. Paul instructs us to be committed to a consistent prayer life. Our prayers should be focused. Paul tells us to be watchful. This all boils down to having a purpose in our prayers. How can our prayers be committed prayers? What does being watchful (vs2) mean? What is the importance of a committed prayer life? What are some steps we can take to develop an intentional prayer life?
a. Committed
b. Focused
c. Centered
II. Intercessory Prayer
Paul now turns his attention on some instructions in praying for others. Our prayers are usually like a list to Santa. We should petition God to bless those in our lives. Paul seeks out prayers for those in his party. Paul challenges these people to pray about the furthering of the Gospel. When was the last time we earnestly prayed about the furthering of the Gospel? Honestly are our prayers focused on the Christ and His message? Why do prayer for people who are physically sick, but not spiritually sick? Paul ends by asking for prayer for himself. He asks that he may be clear in his presentation of the Gospel. Paul here realizes his weakness and his need of strength when dealing with such intense things as the Gospel.
a. Others
b. Gospel Focused
c. Christ Centered

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