Wednesday, April 1, 2009

recommended books

These are some books that I have been reading. I also highly recommend them. They are really challenging me spiritually.

this a great picture of Nate Garrett. He is watching tv in Jackson Hole Wyoming. He is warching sponge bob haha. Well turn off the tube and check out some of these books

here they are:

Finally Alive--- John Piper

THe Heart of the Gospel --Martin Lloyd Jones

Ashamed of the Gospel--John MacAurthor

THe Joyful Christian ---Cs Lewis

God is the Gospel--John Piper

Dont Waste Your Life -- John Piper

Here are some good web sites


Anonymous said...

i used to work at SWO and you had commented on my husbands, Brandon Milan, blog...

so we know each other perhaps?

truegrit said...

yes we do i am the youth pastor at woodland baptist in waynesvlle nc...i led some devo's for you when you were teaching at connecetion with SWO is through brody we are good friends, and our church attends alot. Just a note of encouragement to you and brandon, we have a booth at our church dedicated to those who are in missions, you guys along with others in TEOTE are on you have areond 450 folks praying for you weekly