Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Our Hiding place

Who is this ONE we worship?
what does HE do?

Four names of God, four elements we need.
Psalm 91.1-2
I. Most High (‛elyôn)- we commune with the Most High
II. Almighty (shadday)- we find rest in the Almighty
III. Lord, Jehovah (yehôvâh)- we rejoice, have shelter, hope in Jehovah
IV. God ('ĕlôhîym)- our trust is in the Lord.
we all need to commune, rest, rejoice, and trust. These are essentials to our lives in order to be fulfilled. These are also desires we all have, and only the LORD can fill.

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Matthew Carver said...

Hey Truegrit. Man I wish I had though of that one. Thanks for the great word on Stacys blog. Can I add your links to my blog page? I have been reading some of it and it's great stuff. Let me know if I can so I can ask our webmasteris(female) to add ya'll. I would also like to check your church web site, if you have one. Just let me know.