Monday, May 14, 2007

Who is God??

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Realizations of who God truly is.
Moses truly had experienced God. He had been spoken to by the living God face to face. In this Psalm we have prayer made by Moses. When Moses talked to God he had few realizations. These realizations should be evident in our own lives as well.

Psalm 90.1-3
I. Eternal Security
Have there been times when God Given you shelter? What kind of protection does God Give?
Why do we need protection? What can God protect?
II. Eternal Creator
Can you see God’s hand in the Earth? How? What has God created? Is there order to the way our environment runs?
What is the best example of God’s Handiwork? Why is realizing that God is the creator important to our faith?
III. Eternal Ruler
Do you think that God will cause a tragedy in someone life to draw them back to him? Have you ever experienced this?
How did he bring Israel back to him during their time in the wilderness?
What is Grace? Have you experienced it? How Does God offer it?

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