Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Word of God

a picture to cool ya down!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here we have description of the Word of God, from David
Here are some elements of the Word of God
Psalm 19: 7-10
I. What it is
a) Complete –perfect (vs7a)
b) Certain –dependable (vs7b)
c) Correct –right, unfailing (vs8a)
d) Chaste –virtuous, (vs8b)
e) Clean – ceremonial (vs9a)
f) Committed –true (vs9b
In your own words describe the word of God?
II. What it does
a) Converting the soul (vs7a)
b) Creating wisdom (vs7b)
c) Cheering the heart (vs8a)
d) Clearing the eyes (vs8b)
e) Continuing forever (vs9a)
f) LIVING (vs9b)
What does the Bible do? What has done for You? How can it change a life
III. What it deserves (vs10)
a) desired –valued, above all things
b) devotion –studied
c) Delivered –to others, illuminated.
What does the Bible deserve? What can we do to honor Gods word?

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