Thursday, December 21, 2006

Here is a early picture of Greg, Justin and Jordan trading some of their Chuck Norris trading cards, these cards are now worth billions of dollars.
Hey all d-team leaders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well our meeting went very well last week, thank you all for attending. Hope you had a good time. I enjoy your friendship just as much as I appreciate your working with the youth. Here is the December 27th Bible Study hope all is well........................

Psalm 33.5-9
Attributes of God’s Word

I. God’s Creating Word (v5-6)
a. The Earth-Order, full of Love (v5)
b. The Heavens- Glory, (spiritual and physical) (v6)

II. God’s Providing Word (v7-9)
a. Provisions -Water system- only the LORD(what Sovereign Grace!!!) (v7a)What was once

a form of vengeance (Noah) is now our mercy!(wells, springs) (v7b)
b. Purpose- Something to live for to worship
c. Life- life is a fruit of God’s Word, trusted, build on it, life breeds life (v9)

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