Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Wake up!!!

Wake up call
Colossians 1.21-23
I. Condition of Depravity
a. Alienated-non participate of Grace, estranged, under the law and prisoned by sin
b. Bent toward sin- mind is swayed to sin
c. Contaminated actions
This wake-up call is for Christians a reminder of their once depraved condition. It goes into a detailed description of our depravity. It should sober us to our true condition without Christ. We must realize that we were totally estranged, sin sick, and our actions are contaminated with our depravity. Can you describe how are sinfulness alienates us from God? How are our actions contaminated by sin?
II. Cost of Reconciliation
a. Humanity—(Christmas’s importance)
b. Brutality- death, crucifixion sacrifice
c. Fidelity- faithful, sacrificial
Here we have the cost of reconciliation that Christ purchased for us. Man sinned, man must atone for sin. This is why Christ had to become a man and die. You see,sense we were depraved we could not atone for our sins. Even if we were given the opportunity to save ourselves on the cross it would not be enough!!! It is impossible to save yourself. Christ suffered for us, in place of us, for the Glory of God. (key in on this section) What does this mean to you? How can we live a life worthy of his sacrifice?
III. Call to Accountability –life doesn’t stop at salvation
a. Foundation (stability)
b. Steadfast-unmovable, unshakable
c. Hope- finding your pleasure in Him
Paul ends by letting them Know that life doesn’t stop at salvation. You see, we are to continue on in the faith. Salvation is not insurance from hell, it is a life, it continues. We should be founded in the faith, or stable. This means that we should build our life on the Word of God. Our life should be unshakable and unmovable. We are called to live with our hope totally in him. Would you say that you are unshakable when it comes to your relationship with Christ? Why do we seem to put our hope in the wrong things? What does an unshakable life look like?

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