Monday, December 15, 2008

Buck Stoves and Other stuff

The stove is now in the house, thanks to the help of my buddy Shane. We have not used any propane heat in about three days. The savings should be substantial. I have burnt myself about thirty times putting in wood. The hardest part is getting the stove regulated. It is very sensitive and efficient, thus you can overheat the house very easily. Beth and I are very pleased with the stove. I have enjoyed a few great cups of coffee around the fire already and I look forward to many more. Here is a picture of what I put in. I will have actual photos of the stove in my house soon.
On a more spiritual note........
So this is christmas, and we are in the "spirit" of giving. Or is is the spirit of spending? Well whatever the case they are both wrong. Christmas is about the creator of the universe, the LORD of lords and the KING of Kings leaving his throne for a womb, leaving the womb for a manger, and the leaving the manger for the cross. Christ became a man to die for men. He became sin so that we could be forgiven. He took the punishiment of a just God so that I wouuld be reconciled. Christmas is the Gospel.

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