Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mercy and God's Pleasure

This week at Woodland we have been have a spiritual awakening conference. Dr. Tom Hayes of Fruitland Baptist Bible Institute has been bringing the messages this week. I have been inspired, broken, changed, and challenged through these messages. I am once again amazed that God saves sinners.....

When we look into scriptures we see so many pictures of God's Grace. Let us look in Luke chapter 23

In this chapter and in verse 39 we see the story of Jesus being crucified and the criminals that were being put to death with him.

The first criminal is responds as the rest to Jesus. But the second one understands three things during the Crucifixion of Christ.

First of all he understands
God's Holiness..... In verse 40 the second criminal rebukes the first for what he said to Christ. He asks him if he fears God. He know whither through the events that took place or some other time in his life that God is to be feared. Because of God's justice, and holiness God should be feared. This is important because if we do not see who God truly is how can we see who we truly are.

Secondly he understands
His Sinfulness.....Notice also in verse 41 how he tells the first criminal that they deserve their punishment. Through a correct view of God, this sinner sees his sin. He understands who he is and what he deserves. When we see God in all his Glory and grasp who he truly is we will see and understand our need. Because of God's perfection and holiness we are separated from him because of our sinfulness. This is all of us...This thief saw his need and saw the purity of Christ.

Thirdly he understands
Mercy of God...behold how Jesus responds to this man's third statement in verse 42. Oh how beautiful mercy and grace are. Those piercing eyes of Christ peer at the criminal and with mercy he reveals the criminals new home. Salvation is that simple. Because of God the man was awakened to his need for a savior, and Jesus saved him.....simple, awesome amazing.....

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