Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hot and Cold and the End of All Things...

Well today an Arctic blast is moving across our area of WNC. Snow and temperatures have fallen in some regions. This winter so far has been a roller coaster. Warm one day Cold the next.

I notice that my life with Christ is very similar. Hot or Cold. Some days I am on fire, and others I am not. It is not that my desire to live Holy leaves or my want to live for God fades.Many times I would like to attribute these fluctuations to outside circumstances, but I cant blame it on anything but my on depravity.

It turns out I have a problem with a humanist. This person believes that the end of all things is man's happiness. This person wants himself lifted up. All others seem to come second or even third in his priorities. This person is fact we are all this way. God, let us be as Paul and desire to know the fellowship of Christ's sufferings. What wretched, weak, life wasting people we are.

Suffering is foreign concept to most Christians. We think we suffered if we came to church on a cold wet night. We love pride. We even worship it. We do not want to cause a scene or a disturbance even if it means furthering the Gospel. We are our own problems. WE ARE WASTING OUR LIVES!!!!!!! What is your life goiong to mean at the end. What will you and I have to offer at Jesus' feet? Will it be our pride, popularity, our money and riches, our education, our Jobs? Will we lay our boats, campers, 401(K)s, cd's, bonds, houses, time share? Will these matter in the end??? NO!!!

May we lay down the sufferings we went through on Earth at Christ's feet. May we lay down changed lives, fixed homes, souls of saints,, songs of praise, shouts of victory all for HIS GLORY!!! MAY WE LIVE FOR HIS GLORY!!!

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Myron fineberg said...

I really hate I missed all the snow and cold...... NOT!!!!
its a balmy 72 here today, wish you were here!
Well the church is fabulous, took me right in like a long lost relative and I am playing with the orchestra and choir at two services on Sunday, music is really hard, but great. hope ya'll will come to visit sometime. Miss you guys, God Bless all and thanks again for the help, you gave of yourself as usual, without reservation, you are a great godly man and I thank you for your friendship and leadership. Myron