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Well its been a while since my last post...I have been going through the book of Colossians in my personal devotion time. Through this study I have seen how important it is to have your mind founded in the truth of the Gospel. Now this is not a prosperity Gospel or another fales beleif. This Gospel produces joy, love, love, disicpline, sacrafice, holiness. There is a battle of the mind going on in our world today. Even the church has been under attack. The emmergant church and the seeker sensitve movement are all signs of the war that is being waged in the church of Chirst. The world has influenced the chruch in ways it has never been before. Now this influence is not nessessarly a physical one or one of preference. This influence is a doctrinal issue. Mnay Churches have chosen to be abiguous on such issues as; inerency of scripture, holiness, depravity of man, and supremacy of Christ. We must know the truth. There are absolutes. When will we stop being influencd!!!!! One drop of sewage defiles the hole bottle of water.

Colossae was a region that was under may influences. It truly could be compared to the state of our world in which we live. The Colossians were under the influence. Paul had set his mind on making sure these people of Colossae understood they needed to have their minds rooted in the Lord.
In this lesson we will talk about influence.
The Colossians were under heavy influence. This can be seen when you get the Back ground of the region of Colossae. By understanding these characters in which Paul addressed we can get an idea of the Influence the Colossians were under.
Under the Influence: Introduction to Colossians
I. False Prophets/ Doctrines
a. Holiness
b. Christ
The Colossians were under many types of influence. One reason is because of the false prophets and the doctrines that they were speaking. The prophets had false ideas concerning holiness. In your opinion what does holiness mean to you? They also taught a wrong doctrine concerning Christ. Paul pays much attention in the letter to the Colossians to the Lordship of Christ. Why do you think that having the wrong view of Christ could lead you down the wrong road?
II. Ignorant believers
a. Prejudices
b. Unlearned of Holy Spirit and the Things of Christ
Some of the believers at Colossae were very young in the faith, many held on to the old Jewish laws of eating and drinking. These believers did not understand the ways of Christ and the Holy Spirit. Tradition was more important to these people than the things of Christ. First of all can someone describe tradition? Tradition is okay, when put before Christ it becomes legalism. How can tradition get in our way as believers?
III. Arrogant Philosophers
a. Greece (pagan, and humanistic)
b. Orient (new age)
Finally the most dangerous influencers of the Colossians were the arrogant philosophers. The men and women ranged in scale from free thinkers to non-thinkers. Greece was a hot bed for pagan thought and practice. Many Greeks had their own personal gods that portrayed a lifestyle the particular person adhered to. For example most warriors worshiped the god Hermes. Hermes was the god of war. This posed a great problem to the Colossians. Also there were many free thinkers, whose thought where surrounded in humanism. Humanism puts man and his happiness above all things, as the center of the universe. In God’s eyes this is idolatry. There were also influences from the eastern religions and philosophies. Which New Age comes from. This is religions like Taoism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and many others. This is also where Gnosticism and Agnostics come from. Now we could study these religion and philosophies forever. To simplify their falsehood comes from the placement of Christ. He is not considered Lord and King in any of these beliefs. Ask—How do you think these beliefs could influence a young believer? What kind of dangers do these beliefs bring in today’s world?

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