Wednesday, September 24, 2008

No Gas!

Will we have to go back to the Mountain Man days???? Well in all circumstances let us find joy. Paul reminds us of this in the end of Chapter 4 in the book of Philippians.

Philippians 4.10-19
I. Joy in Suffering (vs11-13)
a. Content
b. All circumstances
c. Strength in Christ
Ask—What is contentment to you? Do you think we can find it in all circumstances, why or why not? How does Christ give us strength to go through any situation?
II. Joy in Ministry (vs10,14-17)
a. Concern
b. Sharing
c. Partnership
d. Sacrifice
Ask—Look at verse 10, How did these people show concern for Paul? What exactly did they share in? How did they sacrifice? What can we do or already doing to find joy in ministry?
III. Joy in God’s Supply (vs18-19)
a. Use of God’s People
b. Supply of Personal needs
Ask—How does God use us to help others in need? How has God supplied your personal needs? Do you think that God cares for your needs?

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