Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hey Guys,
well Its been a while since my last post it has been very crazy. So to shake things up a bit I thought I would let you see the snake I killed on Tuesday night. He was on his way to my garden. With kids and dogs around this guy had to be exterminated. I usually leave snakes alone and let them go. This case was different. This timber rattler did not make a sound when I approached him. He meant business and was in strike position. He was defiantly a threat. If he had not of been in sight I would have never seen him and probably found him in my of us had to go! 38" with 8 rattles and 1 button. My little girl and wife now know what a rattle snake looks like. This event reminded me of a what Dr. Thad Dowdle said...."when the fire gets hot, the snakes come out"

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