Monday, September 24, 2007


Psalm 122.1-9
This was a Psalm written by David, but it was used by the captive pilgrims who were traveling from Babylon to Jerusalem. These folks hand not been able to worship for years, their hearts long to worship God. So when the opportunity finally came to worship the Lord they were very joyful.
Key- the old testament Jews had to have the temple to truly worship God. This was a daily thing and had been missed for several years. Thus the ability to worship again brought Joy.
A Longing to Worship
I. Great Joy For Worship (vs1-2)
a. The invitation was received with joy
b. The invitation was needed.
What does worshiping the Lord do for your life?
II. Great Esteem for Worship (vs3-5)
a. They were in awe at the sight of the place were they were to worship
b. They new the history and the reasons
Is worship a top priority in your life, how can we make it a priority?
III. Great Concern for Worship (vs6-9)
a. It was important for them to continue to be able to worship
b. The peace of Jerusalem was important to the worship
The Israelites wanted the true worship of the Lord to continue, do we have that same burden to further the worship of the Lord

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