Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Its been a while

hey all in the land of blogging! Well i just came back from the beach and we started VBS. So our regular schedueled mayhem has been on hold for a while. Now on wed we will be celebrating our nations birthday! Its all about freedom. So i thought I would introduce our new series for Consumed Ministries. "Free Indeed". We will be studying from the book of Romans on what it means to be free in Christ. I'm excited about leading this series. So pray that I will rightly divide the Word of Truth, and pray that many students will be more conformed to Christ. FREEDOMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

Freedom of the Gospel
Romans 1.16-18
I. Salvation is Revealed
a. All who believe
b. God’s never failed his promises
II. Justice is Revealed
a. Ran falls on all
b. Through his word
III. Holiness is Revealed
a. Sovereignty
b. Truth

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iheartgod5805 said...

yeah. i am pretty dang busy and then when i get not as busy then a bunch of bull gets started! ugh. that still makes me mad! well. i will try to blog soon. i do have something i want to put up! lol. cya soon at the cook out! only for a little while though! gotta go BACK to work!