Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Knowing our purpose, forging our Future

Its good to Know what we are doing. I like directions, not when I'm lost (ha ha). I want to know exactly what I am doing. So I think its important to let all of you as well as our young people know were we are headed, and why we do what we do.

here is some basic stuff concerning Consumed Ministries. Here is a Cute picture of Emma and Molly, her chocolatte Lab.

The Purpose of Consumed Ministries is to

  • Lead Students into a Life Change

  • Draw Students to a Life Commitment

  • Point Students towards a Life Commission

Our Goal as a Church and a Ministry is:

  • Enlighten our community with the Word of God (evangelism)

  • Experience God through Authentic Worship (worship)

  • Educate and Equip Believers (discipleship)

  • Engage our culture with the Life Changing Gospel of Jesus Christ (ministry)


John Roberts said...

Hey dude! I'll try to stop by and visit your blog more often. Don't get discouraged, buddy! I only get about 2 comments from every 30 hits.

truegrit said...

thanks for the encouragement John!! you are always a breath of Fresh air

chucknorrismom said...

what a beautiful child! the dog is cute too